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Coen Mooij


Favorite Tools & Languages

Framework of choice: Meteor
Why: Fast & Simple

Language of choice: Javascript
Why: It’s the future of WebDev.

Version Control: Undecided between Git/Mercurial
Why: Git seems to be the more popular choice, though Mercurial has its elegance. Long term usage will decide.

Also, check out my blog here.

Favorite Projects

Spelling & Zo

Blog about Dutch Language

Special because of the large amount of traffic (currently 10k monthly visitors) of which roughly 90% from Google Search.

Meteor StarterKit

Basic layout, project structure & bootstrap design

Just finished the first version (Code is on GitHub). It should serve as a catalyst for even faster app development with Meteor.

Under Development

A Project Management/Task App

This project is also a meteor project. Its purpose is to be a worthy competitor to Apps like Asana. Didn’t like the way traditional tools work, so I decided to make my own, but better.

Contact Me

Do you have a question, want to work together on a project, or just want to chat?

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